Oyagen Capabilities

Technologies for Contracting Out

  1. High Through-put Facilities
    Chemical Libraries 25,000 diversity set library and assorted smaller libraries

  2. Optics/Mictroscopy/Spectroscopy
    LKB biochem Ultrospec II 4050 UV/visible Spectrophotometer
    Vistavision VWR Upright Compound Microscope
    Olympus IX81 and Hamamatsu Orac-C8484-05G02 camera
    UVP BioSpectrum Imaging System
  3. Mammalian Tissue Culture
    Two Forma seven foot BioSafety cabinets
    Thermo Scientific Heracell 150i CO2 incubator
    Forma Scientific CO2 water jacketed incubator Series II
  4. Microogranism-Based Assays
    Bacterial Based Assays

  5. Centrifugation
  6. Molecular Biology